David Thompson Basketball Ambassador

By Tim Nash

David Thompson is sitting behind a desk the Greensboro Swarm offices, just down the street from the Coliseum, the site of two of the greatest college basketball games ever played.

And the reason those games are ranked among the all-time greats, is because David Thompson played in them.

He scored 29 points in what is considered the greatest ACC basketball game ever played — NC State’s 103-100 double-overtime win over Maryland in the 1974 conference championship in the Greensboro Coliseum. Two weeks later in the Coliseum, he scored 28 points in the NCAA semifinals to help the Wolfpack end UCLA’s seven-year hold on the NCAA title. He scored 21 points when the Pack defeated Marquette in the ’74 NCAA championship game.

“It’s always great to come back to Greensboro,” said Thompson, who is in town in his role as an NBA Ambassador to promote the Charlotte Hornets’ G-League affiliate, the Greensboro Swarm. Continue reading

At 39, Damien Wilkins Targets Return to NBA

By Tim Nash

He’s 39 years old playing against guys 12-15 years younger in a league designed for player development.

Why? That’s a question Damien Wilkins hears a lot, and he really doesn’t understand it.

“People always ask, ‘Why is he still playing?’ ‘Why is he in the G-League at his age?’” says Wilkins who is back in the G-League for his second stint with the Greensboro Swarm. “I say, ‘Why Not?’

“What’s better that finding a passion and chasing it and doing everything you can to reach your dream. You have to respect anyone who does that. If I see a street-sweeper who is dancing around and really loving being a street-sweeper, why would I question what he’s doing?”

Wilkins was re-signed by the Swarm on Feb. 1 after being waived by the Indiana Pacers. He was on the Pacers NBA roster for 39 games. He played in 19 games and started once. Continue reading

Level of Hatred Toward Referees is Disturbing


By Tim Nash

I just spent five days watching experienced referees coach and mentor young officials at the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships.

I watched, listened and asked questions as some of the best and most experienced referees in the country spent time helping the next generation of officials improve in all aspects of officiating.

And guess what? None of the instruction included telling the referees to choose a team to screw. Not once were the young refs told to try to anger the crowd, or irritate the home fans.

But it happens, doesn’t it? We live in an era when every call is debated and scrutinized through multiple instant replays and fans get countless chances to see a controversial play that the ref gets to see once for a split second. Continue reading