At 39, Damien Wilkins Targets Return to NBA

By Tim Nash

He’s 39 years old playing against guys 12-15 years younger in a league designed for player development.

Why? That’s a question Damien Wilkins hears a lot, and he really doesn’t understand it.

“People always ask, ‘Why is he still playing?’ ‘Why is he in the G-League at his age?’” says Wilkins who is back in the G-League for his second stint with the Greensboro Swarm. “I say, ‘Why Not?’

“What’s better that finding a passion and chasing it and doing everything you can to reach your dream. You have to respect anyone who does that. If I see a street-sweeper who is dancing around and really loving being a street-sweeper, why would I question what he’s doing?”

Wilkins was re-signed by the Swarm on Feb. 1 after being waived by the Indiana Pacers. He was on the Pacers NBA roster for 39 games. He played in 19 games and started once. Continue reading