Level of Hatred Toward Referees is Disturbing


By Tim Nash

I just spent five days watching experienced referees coach and mentor young officials at the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships.

I watched, listened and asked questions as some of the best and most experienced referees in the country spent time helping the next generation of officials improve in all aspects of officiating.

And guess what? None of the instruction included telling the referees to choose a team to screw. Not once were the young refs told to try to anger the crowd, or irritate the home fans.

But it happens, doesn’t it? We live in an era when every call is debated and scrutinized through multiple instant replays and fans get countless chances to see a controversial play that the ref gets to see once for a split second. Continue reading

Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak and Husband Tim Build Family at UCF

Roberts Sahaydak family

University of Central Florida coaches Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak and Tim Sahaydak with daughters, Evie and Layla


By Tim Nash

Every college soccer player has heard it, at least once, when they were being recruited.  College coaches, in an effort to make their program as appealing as possible, pull out the phrase during every visit.

“Our team is like a family,” they say. “We have a real family atmosphere here.”

But at the University of Central Florida, the women’s soccer team really is a family.

“That’s exactly what I tell recruits,” said Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak, the head women’s coach at UCF. “We really do have a family environment.”

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